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Physical Therapy Services

Premier Medical Associates Has Physical Therapy Services in Central Florida

What is Physical Therapy?

These licensed health professionals engage in specific graduate training in physical therapy. You may hear them called PTs or physiotherapists.

Physical therapists evaluate your condition and develop a care plan that guides your therapy. They may perform hands on treatments for your symptoms. They also teach you special exercises to help you move and function better.

In most states, you can go directly to a physical therapist without a referral from your doctor. Or your doctor might prescribe it.

Who is an Ideal Patient for Physical Therapy?

General accidents, arthritis, and even neck pain are all good reasons to seek out physical therapy. If you’re struggling with limited mobility, pain, and stiffness, P.T. can help you increase your range of motion and strengthen your body to prevent further injury.

Physical therapy and other forms of rehabilitation can help patients heal from injuries, relieve chronic pain, and improve their quality of life. Combined with other treatments like regenerative medicine and injections, you can begin managing your condition, healing, and enjoying your life.

What is the Benefit of a Good Physical Therapy?

Physical Therapy is a gentle, conservative treatment that aims to improve your physical condition naturally. Since P.T. uses exercises to work and strengthen the body, it makes life easier. Almost anyone struggling with chronic pain, mobility issues, or injuries can benefit from treatment. 


The benefits of physical therapy depend on what you’re aiming to do, but regular visits to a therapist can: 

  • Improve range of movement (flexibility and mobility)

  • Relieve pain associated with strains, sprains, and arthritis

  • Promote healing

  • Rehabilitate existing injuries 

  • Prevent further/future injuries

  • Help you adapt to disabilities 

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